About MTS Security



MTS Security is a crack team of friendly experts who genuinely care about our clients. We understand your concerns and focus on solving those so you and your family feel secure. Professional to the end our staff are SSAIB approved and DBS checked.

In a fast-changing industry, we keep up to date with the latest security technology. So, whatever the size of your family or home we have the skills and state of the art equipment to keep you safe and the bad guys out! Simple.

We’re here for you, and always will be

We’ve all seen them: tradespeople who come into your home or business premises to do a particular job, only to start sighing heavily. Huffing and puffing, complaining about how “tough” or “awkward” the job is going to be. Making their problems your problems throughout. What’s all that about?

At MTS Security, we prefer a simpler approach:

Whatever type of home you live in – terraced house, semi-detached, flat, bungalow, mansion – our friendly and courteous engineers will quietly get on with the job. They are trained to take responsibility for the entire installation, and respect you and your property.

There will be no cheek, no shortcuts, and no irritating mess left behind once we’ve said “Job done”.

But don’t worry that “Job done” means that we’ll load up the van, invoice you for your home alarm or cctv system and you’ll never see us again. For us, client care and satisfaction is paramount.

Our service contracts mean that we’ll also be there for you in the long-run. That means peace of mind for you, knowing that we’re only a phone call away in the unlikely event of a system break-down.

Some of our older clients also need some extra help as they enter their golden years and MTS Security have a range of elderly care alarms to keep you safe in your home for as long as you want to stay there.

What can MTS do for YOU?