Check on Mum or Dad
at the press of a button.

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    Helping Your Elderly Relatives Stay Independent For Longer

    It’s a problem that is being repeated in homes up and down the country:  You want to keep your Mum safe in her twilight years but she is DETERMINED to retain her INDEPENDENCE.

    Sadly, you know that STUBBORNNESS could COST HER LIFE!

    This is a true story. Helen was 80 years old when she fell over in her own living room. The impact with the carpet broke her hip. Although her phone was only 10 FEET AWAY, the excruciating PAIN meant that she was unable to reach it. She lay there for several hours not knowing what to do.

    WEAK with hunger and dehydration, she had to come to terms with the fact that she was facing the end of her life – alone and in pain.

    Suddenly, there was an unexpected knock at the door. The caller heard her desperate cries. They had to break the door down but Helen soon found herself in an ambulance on the way to hospital with her daughter by her side.

    Helen is now the proud owner of a new HIP but this story could all have been so horribly different.

    PEACE OF MIND that your Mum or Dad is safe and sound

    Her daughter invested in a panic alarm – it’s a button that Helen wears on a wrist bracelet. If she has a problem, she presses the button and her daughter is notified by text.

    In addition, a series of indoor CCTV cameras have been fitted in the living room, the kitchen, the hall and the top of the stairs. These are not intrusive and the app allows her daughter to get a visual on her phone of any situation to assess what assistance may be required.

    Helen has lived in her home for 50 years – 10 of those have been on her own since her husband passed away. This modern technology allows her to remain there with her independence intact. It also lets her daughter be confident that she is safe.

    It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved.

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      Comfortable, discreet devices with easy-to-use buttons

      MTS can provide you with a range of effective and affordable small security devices specially developed for seniors.
      Pressing the panic button on our emergency wrist alarms will send a notification to the mobile phones of their closest relatives. They are easy to use – light, discreet and comfortable to wear and operate, but sturdy enough to withstand an accidental knock without being activated by mistake.
      For minimum disruption, as soon as someone responds to the text, any other notifications are withdrawn.
      Combine the wrist alarm with an indoor CCTV system with sound and you can instantly check in with your loved one to assess the situation. It’s not ‘just’about falls and the sudden onset of illness at home…, a fire, a flood, an attempted break in and kitchen catastrophes are all possibilities for vulnerable seniors

      WIRELESS wristband panic alarm for elderly


      Best personal alarms for the elderly

      At MTS Security, we make SECURITY SIMPLE AS 1,2,3. Emergency wristbands and indoor CCTV provide an ideal solution for responsible relatives who are worried about how their parents may call for help in the event of a crisis.

      Respecting your home

      Your alarm or CCTV system will be installed without fuss or mess. It’s the finishing touches that make the job and our vacuum cleaner is part of the team!

      Putting you first

      Expect a polite and experienced professional. SSAIB approved and DBS checked, you know you are in safe hands. Our Burnham-on-Crouch-based personnel will always arrive in our branded vans and uniform.

      24/7, all-year-round protection. PERFECT.

      Ideally, your relative will never have to use their security device. But, isn’t it wonderful to know that emergency help can be summoned quickly at any time of the day or night

      That’s maximised peace of mind for them, and you, at minimal financial cost.

      Get An Elderly Care Alarm Quote


        Check on Mum or Dad
        at the press of a button.