Project Description

The Problem

The frustrating limitations of an existing installed alarm system.

The MTS Solution

We were asked to look at an alarm system that another company had installed on behalf of MTS Electrical Ltd in 2016.

For communication to the outside world, the system used PTSN, meaning that the client could only receive an alert via voice communication on the system, and requiring an input code to reset the system.

Time for an upgrade, then!

MTS completed an upgrade to the panel to GSM, which allows the alarm to send notifications to a mobile device immediately, tracking system setting and un-setting, and at what time these events occurred.

Whilst testing the location of the components on the system, we found that the distance between the detectors and the main alarm panel needed adjustment, for improved range. After moving the panel to a more suitable location within the building, communication between the detectors and the alarm panel was much better maintained.

Again, at a property without neighbours located close by, the alarm could sound but maybe not be heard. The client loved now having the advantage of receiving alarm set and unset notifications (to their mobile phone) in real time, considerably boosting the alarm system’s performance.

Another happy client!