Project Description

The Problem

The old alarm system had been in place since 1988. The owner had no information or codes for the system, which was also faulty.

The MTS Solution

We provided a new alarm system; one where the client could receive notifications about who was setting and un-setting the alarm, as well as the time this occurred. Alarm activation notifications would be sent to the client’s mobile device too. And that’s not all…

The owner also requested visual verifications for their property; so we installed internal cameras (linked to a Smartphone App). This enhanced the system: whilst away from the property, the client could ‘live view’ all areas covered by the cameras.

In addition, we created controlled access at the property. Splitting the system into partitions, the client enjoyed full access, but with limited access being afforded to visitors (cleaners, family…). These could gain access to certain areas of the property without the alarm being activated, but should they enter the owner’s study, for example, an alarm would sound.

Because of the property’s remote location, we advised the owner to also opt for remote access: The alarm bell might ring all day without being heard, making alarm phone notifications/alerts essential. Our engineers enjoyed rising to the challenge of overcoming obstacles, such as a lack of broadband speed, the limitations of a 3-4g router… We enhanced the system with a separate 2-3g sim card – a card dedicated to security alarm systems for communication to the outside world – whilst using the backup IP system of their own router (should the card have any transmission issues, giving the owner redundancy within the system for communication to the outside world).

Job done!