Project Description

The MTS Solution

Texecom Smart Com

installing the Smart Com unit onto an existing panel with version 3 firmware, the connect unit requires version 4 firmware to enable the system to work & communicate with the outside world.

MTS installed the latest firmware version 5 to the panel additional benefits for version 5 is the ability to remotely send the next version of firmware to the panel remotely this saving on a site visit should the firmware need upgrading between annual service visits.

other benefits include the 6 month remote system health check carried out for MTS service agreement customers on their systems to help ensure they remain in tip top condition throughout the year.

the process of installing the firmware to panel is achieved by using the Texecom Wintex software & flash drive to upload the new version of firmware to the panel, with a substantial upgrade for v3-v5 the panel required defaults to loaded a backup of the panel data was taken & stored & loaded back to the panel with the new firmware data complete.

when the process is complete & installed correctly the keypad shows a code for use with the Connect App allowing the customer to use their mobile device to communicate with their security alarm.