Every burglar wants to take what you’ve worked hard for and sell it on for easy money. They don’t want to work hard (otherwise they’d have a proper job like the rest of us!) and they don’t care about the damage they cause to homes or the people that live in them.

Although they have the same aim, not every burglar works the same way. Here are 3 common types of burglary that you can learn about and protect yourself from.

Distraction burglary

Distraction burglaries can happen at any time of the day or night. A knock at the door and a man in a boiler suit flashes a card in your face and says there’s a gas leak in your street. Or maybe he’s looking very smart and from the council or local police station. It may not even be a man! Woman and even children have been used too – who wouldn’t want to help out a poor stranger in need? Distraction burglars prey on the good will of others, especially women.

Their aim is to get a homeowner to the front door while an accomplice gets into the house through a side window or back door. Once they’ve grabbed all the valuables they can find, They’re out the door and down the road before you realise anything has gone missing!

You can protect yourself from this type of burglary by teaching your family to be aware; Not everyone is who they seem!
Any genuine caller to your home will happily hand over their ID card when asked to, you should then close your door to call the company and check. Don’t call any numbers on the card, these are likely to be fake and go to someone else involved in the scam. Look the company up online and use that number.

Likewise if someone knocks asking for assistance, tell them to wait while you call someone. Close your door and go inside, do not worry about looking rude or offending someone! Your family’s safety is more important.

Place marking burglary

This is when a burglar has toured around an area looking for vulnerable properties that he or an accomplice can return to and raid. It can be something as innocent as a chalk mark on a paving slab, a stone or pebble on a wall or a graffiti tag on a fence. It’s a sign that your property has been targeted and is on the worst kind of to-do list! 

These burglars plan their schedule and will have notes about any weak spots in your home security so they can come equipped. Some may knock at the door using an excuse to gain extra information – is there a dog? Did an automatic light come on as they approached? Did a child open the door without supervision?

Again, you can protect yourself from this type of burglary by being aware. Notice any unusual signs or marks that turn up and, if you can, remove them. Alert your family and check where your home security could be improved because someone may have spotted a gap.

Opportunistic burglary

This is totally unplanned and could happen anywhere, at any time…

This type of burglary occurs all year round, but is common in the summer when doors and windows are left open. A thief will spot that a busy mum has left a window ajar while she goes on the school run. He’ll be in there ransacking within moments! An open door for children to come in and out is the perfect opportunity for someone unsavoury to nip in, grab a handbag or car keys and disappear again in seconds.

UPVC doors also offer a quick entry method to a burglar that’s just watched someone leave a house without lifting and locking.

You can protect yourself from this type of burglary by teaching your family to secure all doors and windows when they leave the house. Lift and lock any UPVC doors and don’t leave valuables on show even if you are at home.

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