You know you want the best security system to protect your home and family but choosing the right equipment and installer can be overwhelming!

A quick web search will reveal hundreds of systems, all promising to be easy to install with an average home tool kit. Can’t be that hard, right? Cheaper than a professional installation and just a couple of hours work at the weekend? But like most things that sound too good to be true, it usually is!


First there’s the actual installation. Even a competent DIYer can struggle to set up a decent system in the right places and those that are easiest to fit are easiest to overcome for a determined burglar! Don’t think you can fool anyone with a dummy set up either, thieves know full well a metal box with a flashing light isn’t going to cause them any problems.

Handy Andy

So how about getting a handyman to fit it? Sure, there are plenty of them in the local paper but do you really know who you’re putting your faith in for such an important task? Is he going to be in the pub later telling someone about a lovely job he had today and advertising just what measures you have in place? Does he know the best placement for your sensors? He’s probably great at putting curtain poles up but that doesn’t make him a security expert and he certainly won’t be accredited!

Off the shelf security

Another problem is you’re buying a “one size fits all” kit, rather than something designed specifically for the vulnerable areas of your home. Your front and back door might be protected but what about that little window in the extension? Not included in the pack, sorry. All your downstairs doors and windows have sensors? Great, what about upstairs?

Burglars will climb on and up anything to gain entry to a property – some even have their own ladders! An SSAIB accredited installer will have extensive experience and knowledge to draw on so you get exactly what you need to properly protect your home and family.

What SSAIB means to you

In short, safety assured. In order to be SSAIB accredited there is a an initial certification audit and on-going annual surveillance audits. There are various certificates and each has it’s own strict criteria to be met, for example there are checks made into the standard of workmanship and products used, as well as the financial stability of the company. There’s no point having a manned response system if the firm is going bust and there won’t be anyone there!

You can find an SSAIB approved installer or learn more about the certification process at their website, here.

MTS are proud to be SSAIB accredited, proving that we provide the best systems and service. We know our stuff and use it to help you protect your stuff. We’re professional and respectful during our installations – right down to the clearing up – and we have the certificate to prove it!

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