An alarm maintenance contract might seem unnecessary at first but, just like your car, your burglar alarm needs to be serviced.

Like all electrical systems, problems can occur as they age. Preventative alarm maintenance and repairs will help your system last longer, saving you time and money in the long run and, more importantly, keep your family safe.

Save money in the long run

Reason 1

When left unchecked, alarm faults tend to get worse rather than going away. What starts as a minor issue could quickly become an expensive and time-consuming fix later on.

Unfortunately, most minor problems will go unnoticed by an untrained homeowner. Having a professional come in regularly to identify little issues means that your system can be repaired quickly and affordably before things get out of hand.

Reason 2

Maintenance also ensures you are looking after your long term investment, rather than letting it break and repurchasing again and again!

The true cost of a break in

What happens to your car if you don’t get it regularly serviced? Things break.

The same thing will happen to your burglar alarm if it is left to gather dust after the initial installation.

Reason 3

Imagine this – your burglar alarm has developed a fault and stops working correctly. Frustrated, you admit defeat and leave for work in the morning without turning it on. Your home is unprotected, but you’re not worried because “it won’t happen to us…”.

You return from work with the kids to find your home has been ransacked. Does a small monthly fee outweigh the risk of being burgled and having your sense of security stripped away?

Reason 4

Then your insurance company asks: “Did you set the burglar alarm?” For some homeowners, any payment so you can replace your lost valuables may be dependent on whether the security system was set.

Don’t take a chance, get your system checked regularly so it can continue to protect you.

We’re friendly and professional

MTS hires for personality and trains for skill, so you can be sure that only well-trained, quality personnel will service your system.

The professionals at MTS are SSAIB certified. That means they are up to date on the latest technology and legislation – something not every security professional can say. We ensure our technicians are not only respectful of your time and home, but also offer efficient and quality service.

An MTS alarm maintenance contract is easy to set up!

It’s true. Essential MTS servicing contracts are a doddle to set up, with fees being collected through a monthly card payment (like a direct debit) at £15.00 per month (Inc. VAT).

To learn more about getting an easy and affordable alarm maintenance contract with MTS, click here!