Lets say, you or your neighbour have recently suffered a burglary. It is horrible, upsetting and the sense of violation can linger… But do you know when is it safe to STOP worrying?

You may have heard that burglars come back…

Surely they don’t!

You’d have to be the unluckiest person in Essex to be burgled twice… right?

This post answers the question.

Do burglars come back to the same house twice?

A confused.com survey revealed that a quarter of Brits have been burgled. And more than one in six of those homeowners had been burgled three times or more!

Believe it or not, it’s common for the second burglary to be committed by the original thief. If he did it once before, he can definitely do it again… this time more easily.

One thief was quoted as saying: “I recall going back to the same house a few times, the person just wasn’t learning.”

Don’t let your home get broken into again. Find out why burglars often return below.

Why do burglars come back?

It depends whether you’re dealing with an amateur thief or a seasoned professional. If he is confident he can return again without being caught, he will.

Here are a few motives:

  • Striking when you least expect it. He has the upper hand in the situation when you are feeling skittish and forgetful after suffering with the first break in. Who would expect to be burgled again so soon?
  • He knows the weak spots. The second break in will run smoothly… he already knows how to gain entry. And his getaway will be quicker, drawing less attention to himself.
  • Valuables left behind the first time. The thief may have left valuables behind in the rush to get in and out quickly. He knows where they are, so he’ll come back to steal them!
  • Buyers in line. There was no demand for unusual or older items in your home the first time he broke in. Now a buyer is lined up so he strikes again, steals your property and sells your stuff quickly.
  • Ruthlessness. There is no compassion or empathy for your family suffering. To him, your irreplaceable items are quick cash. So he is happy to break in again.

The true cost of a burglary…

It’s not just the physical items that are missing, it’s your sense of security.

The one place your family are meant to feel safe, your home, has been invaded. And that feeling of violation does not go away for a very long time. Sometimes, never.

The same Micromark survey quoted earlier in this post also reveals:

  • 22% of the people surveyed said they felt they would never get over being burgled
  • On a scale of 1-10, burglary is more stressful than divorce
  • 94% of people feel home security is important, yet 55% of people surveyed did not have an alarm or CCTV, despite the fact that burglars say these are two of the most effective deterrents

Stop burglars returning with a Home Alarm System

To prevent a repeat burglary, you must upgrade your home security! 

Remember what the convicted burglar said earlier: “I recall going back to the same house a few times, the person just wasn’t learning.”

Don’t let your home be one of the statistics…

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