Glossy white uPVC doors are all the rage at the moment. They are cost effective, easy to maintain and look great for either a front or back door.

But does the latest fashion mean that your home is attracting the wrong type of attention?

Local locksmiths are telling us that burglars are actively seeking them out! Find out why.

5 Reasons why burglars love uPVC doors

Cheap Lock Barrels

Cheaper lock barrels often fitted to uPVC doors can be easily forced using a vice grip, and will usually snap at the centre allowing insertion of another barrel to operate the door. A decent lock barrel will incorporate an anti-snap feature. Unlike the name suggests, an anti-snap barrel provides a weak point for the lock to snap if forced. This weak point means the cylinder snaps before the end of the key area, so another barrel cannot be fitted.

Reinforcement Missing in the Panel

Some cheap uPVC doors do not have reinforcement in the panels. If you are shopping for a door, you should ask specifically for one with a reinforced panel. The reinforcement is on the inside of the panel, between the laminate boards. On an existing door, it can only be checked with a metal detector, since you cannot see or feel the reinforcement.

Checking with the manufacturer or supplier might be a possible alternative, however most tradespersons have a simple metal detector for checking pipe and wire locations in walls. If the panel is not reinforced, it can be cut open or melted easily with hand-held tools. This method is favoured by burglars to avoid magnetic contact alarms which activate when the door is opened.

Inadvertent lock failure

Many uPVC doors have a fault in the locking mechanism whereby if the handle is not rotated upwards and held there when locking, the door will remain improperly locked. Burglars are aware of this fault and will often check all uPVC doors in an area. Always ensure your door is correctly locked, and double check by operating the handle and jarring the door to ensure it does not open once locked.

Poor quality hinges

On a door that opens outwards, the hinges will be on the outside. A good quality door will have burglar-proof covers on the hinges to prevent access. A low-quality hinge may have a plastic cover which appears secure if not inspected carefully, but in fact, can be easily pried off. The hinges can then be removed easily with hand tools.

The lock is easy to prise

While a solid door will not bend or splinter easily, a plastic door can often be prised open with a nail bar, bending the door or frame, and the lock will simply pop open. This is often the first method attempted by a burglar, especially on uPVC front doors, since it is the quickest and least noticeable.

Is your home at risk?

Even the Police are now reminding people about locking their doors properly.

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