An annual night of fun for families, Firework Night is also a prime time for burglars to strike. According to and Aviva, Firework Night tops the chart for burglary incidents, with reported household thefts increasing by over 20 per cent
Burglars know people will be out for several hours enjoying bonfires and burgers. They also rely on the loud whizzes and bangs to mask the sound of them breaking in. Make sure your family home isn’t targeted by a bad ‘Guy’ this year!
Keep your family safe this Firework Night with these home security tips:

If you’re going out:

  • Ensure that all doors and windows are properly locked – do you know that many homeowners with uPVC doors leave them improperly locked by not twisting the handle while turning the key? This means burglars specifically target homes with uPVC doors because they are easy pickings!
  • Close all blinds and curtains – don’t let burglars window shop your valuables while you’re out!
  • Store all valuables out of sight – If the curtains are shut, desperate thieves will go as far as peeking through the letterbox to see if there’s anything valuable in reaching distance. Keep valuables in a safe place when you’re out.
  • Leave some lights on a timer – Stop worrying about the few extra pence on the electricity bill! Coming home to your house the way you left it is more important. Leaving a light on fools burglars into thinking you are home.
  • Play a radio or TV in a couple of rooms – Leaving lights on isn’t always enough these days, background noise makes the illusion more believable
  • Install outdoor LED security lights with sensors that turn the light on if there is activity in your front or back garden.

If you’re having Firework Night at home:

  • Keep the front of the house locked up while you’re out the back – If there’s noise coming from the back garden but all lights are off and there’s no sound coming from the house, a burglar will strike while you’re distracted!
  • Don’t leave “door is open, come in” signs on the door. The signs are intended to notify guests that the house is unoccupied and to let themselves in. Burglars will take advantage of this. Instead, ask guests to call you when they arrive so you can let them in and lock the door after them.
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