How safe is your home in Colchester? Let’s explore the figures and find out the truth behind the numbers.

The good news

Overall, you are 3% less likely than the national average to suffer a break in. Householders being savvy about home security means Colchester Town police have slightly less to do.

Even so, in August 2018 there were 23 burglaries reported which is 23 too many! St. Nicholas Street and Colchester shopping area were both hit three times. Culver Street West also suffered twice that month.


It’s clear when you look back over the 2018 stats that the south of CO1, Colchester Town is a burglary hotspot. Some of these may be burglaries from the shops and businesses. But that’s no comfort if you live above or next to them! Homeowners in the vicinity should be aware of the trend and take action to secure their homes!

Further north, in May 2018, the area around Cowdray Avenue suffered 7 break ins. In every case the police completed their investigation without identifying a suspect! In fact this was the outcome in a staggering 41.5% of all investigations in the area between Sept 2017 and August 2018.

Further out

Living further away from the town centre is often thought to be safer… but that’s not always the case. Insurance companies compiled a list of areas most likely to submit a claim for a burglary. There are 2,295 postcode districts in the UK and Colchester CO1 is 72nd on the list. Frinton fares better at number 621. Even safer is Lexton and Stanway at 661.

Langham Moor and Boxted area looks good at number 1,483. Thorpe-le-Soken and Clacton improve on that at 1544. Of course what we don’t know is how many people were burgled and DIDN’T put in an insurance claim…

Imagine how different the figures would be if Colchester homes were equipped with burglar-beating CCTV systems and home alarms!

Don’t become part of the next burglary report!

The sad fact is Colchester is no more or less safe than anywhere else to a determined thief.

Do you know the weak spots in your home security? A burglar does and he will find them. Contact us today.