Getting your home security installer wrong is not an option – the safety of your home and family is at risk!

Sadly there are many cowboys out there doing shoddy work with low quality equipment. So how can you tell who to trust? Read our quick guide where we tally up the pros and cons of the security cowboys vs the professional alarm installers.

How to choose a home alarm system installer


The temptation to save a few pounds may lead you to the lowest price. The cowboy will almost certainly charge less for his off the shelf kit and may even throw in a discount fitting! What’s not to like?

But… good alarm systems aren’t dirt cheap and dirt cheap alarm systems aren’t good.

The professional will charge more for a higher quality product with expert installation. His superior skills in fitting andservicing quality systems gives you complete peace of mind!

You will definitely pay less with a cowboy, but is your home security worth the risk?

Score:          Cowboys: 1        Professionals: 0


Security cowboys are often sole traders or very small teams – which means they can’t be in two places at once! Your desperate need for home security has to wait until they can fit it into their schedule. You may have to put up with some “builder’s banter” as he stomps around your home in his boots. Not much chance of the baby getting a nap with all the racket!

The job could take much longer without proper tools. School runs mean nothing to him! When he does finally leave, you’ll have empty boxes and left over screws to clean up. Wait – why are there left over screws?!

A professional security installer will make an appointment time that suits you, and stick to it. He will be respectful to you and your home during the job. He will show you how to operate your system at your pace. Work areas will be left clean and tidy. The only sign he was ever there is the one telling burglars not to bother at this house!

Score:          Cowboys: 0       Professionals: 1

“Just wanted to say how pleased we are with the alarm system. You were professional throughout and nothing ever seemed like a bother, you guided us through step by step to help us novices. We truly appreciate it.

Your aftercare has been outstanding since you set it up, we are reassured that you are at the end of the phone anytime. 

Thank you again”

Mr & Mrs Harvey, Maldon, Essex

Quality and diversity of equipment

A cowboy will buy a bog standard, off the shelf alarm. You’ll get very basic protection for as long as it works. It probably won’t cover everywhere you need. He’ll leave the user manual with the rubbish and scarper before you can ask about checking the batteries! Most burglars know how to get past these bargain basement kits. It’s more dangerous to think you are protected if you’re not!

A professional will do a free site survey to design a system that suits you.

  • Want to check on the sleeping baby while you’re downstairs? A zonal system is perfect
  • Got pets? Pet-friendly sensors can be fitted to eliminate false alarms!

They’ll use their knowledge and experience to guide you to total security. If they are SSAIB certified, like MTS, you can be assured that all their equipment meets or exceeds industry standards.

Score:          Cowboys: 0       Professionals: 1

Quick cheap fix vs long term investment

It’s tempting to think that any security is better than none. A cowboy will tell you that! But a cheap job by a cheeky chappy could actually leave you more vulnerable. He’s not going to provide service and maintenance, he’s a “fit and flee” man. So how will you know if something has gone wrong? Will it take a break in for you to realise a battery needed replacing? Low quality equipment creates false alarms. How many of them before you stop bothering to set the alarm at all?

A high quality system, paired with a professional installation is a sound investment. Your home and family are worth the extra cost for skilled, trained engineers. You can feel safe with a professional in your home for installation and ongoing maintenance – SSAIB installers are:

  • Held accountable by a higher authority
  • Audited every year to retain their status
  • Checked for exceptional quality service and processes

Their certificates are hard won, which is why you can trust them.

Score:          Cowboys: 0       Professionals: 1

Results are in!

Score:          Cowboys: 1       Professionals: 3

An SSAIB approved professional really is the best way to secure your home and family. It’s simply too precious to be left to a cowboy for the sake of a few quid. A professional will give you complete peace of mind through the whole process. And isn’t that the whole point?

Stay safe. Contact us about a home security system.