The Beyond external security detector

With crime in particular burglaries throughout Essex increasing along with car & van theft including work tools stolen from vans whilst the homeowner is away or even asleep within the property increasing your protection can help combat this.

The Beyond external security detector, one of many new external detectors on the market for your home security alarm system.

The Beyond comes in a couple of options with a wired unit going back to the security system or a wireless unit communicating with the security alarm optional solar bracket to improve on battery life and COMING SOON a wireless detector with camera

What are the benefits of the an external security detector?

  • The external detector can be set up on its own partition on the security system meaning it can be operational whilst the rest of the system is unarmed.
  • Alarm activation should the detector be activated whilst other parts of the system are turned off.
  • Notifications sent directly to your mobile device of activation.

Beyond offers one of a kind combination of dual technology and integrated camera, providing crystal clear visual verification capability via the iRISCO smartphone app., web interface or monitoring station. These new features are combined with RISCO’s unique detection technologies of Sway Recognition™ and Digital Correlation™ which drastically reduce false alarms in outdoor environments and Provide an ultimate outdoor detection solution.