For many people, a break-in seems like “one of those things that will never happen to us!”. And they live their lives without a second thought to their home security.

But those who have been burgled can tell you that it leaves a mental scar that never quite heals. Afterwards, the sense of insecurity follows you and your family to whatever home you live in.

Sadly, it’s common for families to invest in their home security AFTER the damage has been done.

By following these 5 simple home security tricks, you can greatly reduce the risk of a burglary, whether you have been burgled previously or never before….

1. Know your enemy. The 3 types of burglar…

These are:

  • The professionals
  • The semi-pros,
  • and the amateurs

No point worrying about the professional burglar, he has his eyes on the ‘jackpot’ real estate… Think Kim Kardashian’s Paris robbery or John Terry’s mansion burglary. Your average, small town break-in is beneath the pro!

It’s the semi-pros and amateurs that you need to worry about. They are on the hunt for easy pickings.

2. Understanding the common tricks

Semi pros and amateur opportunist burglars may scout out a target over the course of a few weeks. Cautious robbers often disguise themselves as:

  • Someone who is lost and needs to come in to use your phone
  • A salesman who will ask to come in and speak to you
  • A courier who is delivering a parcel that requires a signature

In all of these instances, the disguised burglar is either:

  1. Checking if anyone is home so they can sneak round the back and break in
  2. Asking to enter your home so they can take note of your valuables and home layout for their return
  3. Distracting you at the door while their mates sneak in round the back

ALWAYS ask for ID before inviting someone into your house. A true company representative will understand your concerns!

3.) Protect your home with an alarm

Just like dummy CCTV cameras can be spotted from a mile away, shop-bought DIY systems are no match for burglars.
These Grade 1, unreliable systems are prone to malfunctions and can easily be disabled.

Nothing beats a professionally installed home alarm system that can be adapted to your specific needs. Modern alarm systems can be pet friendly, monitored with Police Response or controlled by your smart phone.

The last thing a burglar needs is unwanted attention during a break-in – and a professionally installed home alarm will give him just that!!!

4.) Man’s best friend – burglar’s worst nightmare

Those fake “beware of the dog” signs don’t work as well as they used to. Burglars catch on to these amateur tricks.

These days, you need to make it more believable!

Whether you have a dog or not, leave a water bowl and chew toy in the back garden or front porch. This is a more believable way to pretend you have a dog in the house.

The burglar doesn’t want to take the risk… he’ll move on!

5.) Keep an eye on your home 24/7

No, we’re not advising you to sit in the shrub opposite your house with a pair of binoculars!

Modern CCTV systems allow you to watch live and recorded footage from your mobile phone.

Better yet, the mobile app allows you to:

  • Link with your home alarm system so you can set / unset it with the press of a button
  • Watch live and recorded CCTV footage anywhere in the world with an internet connection
  • Monitor your home during work hours or on holiday, giving you total peace of mind

Stay safe. Get a burglar alarm. Contact us today.