Many people don’t consider a home complete without a family pet. Dogs are often considered the perfect burglar deterrent. But, it is a big ask to rely on them as your first and only line of defence against intruders.

Why? They have enough on their doggy plates already!

Dogs provide families with many benefits such as:

  • teaching your children (or even your husband?) about responsibility
  • promoting a more active lifestyle
  • assisting in building up your children’s immunity, keeping them healthier and happier

Pets aren’t the most reliable form of home security…. You may wake up one day to find that your home has been broken into, with ol’ Charlie snoozing away, none the wiser.

So, your home needs to be better prepared to beat the burglars. Advancements in sensor technology mean you can enjoy pet-friendly security systems that will keep you and your furry friends safe without the hassle of false alarms.

How do they work, you ask?

How a pet friendly burglar alarm works

Pet-friendly security systems use a technology called Passive Infrared (PIR) in their motion sensors. PIR detects changes in temperature and motion across their viewing areas.

A change in the heat signature of a room will trip the alarm and notify the authorities or home owner. These sensors analyse the size and shape of the heat signatures to distinguish your pets from human intruders.

These alarms have three settings:

  1. small – small cats and dogs weighing between 1-10kg
  2. medium – dogs weighing between 11-25kg
  3. large – dogs between 26-45kg

Calibrated by a trained professional, these sensors work perfectly. You can sleep soundly at night and not have to worry about being woken up at 3 a.m. because ol’ Charlie decided to move from the chair to the couch.

That being said…

Can you buy a DIY pet-friendly alarm system and install it yourself?

When the stakes are as high as your family’s safety, it is unwise to skimp on the installation. Regardless of whether you have pets or not!

The UK’s standards for security systems are extremely high, for a reason. Your safety! Trying to meet these standards without the assistance of a professional is impossible. You need to use an SSAIB-certified (Security Systems and Alarms Inspection Board) installer.

Did you know – Grade 1 DIY systems don’t qualify for monitoring with Police response. Only grade 2&3 alarms installed by certified professionals (like MTS) come with Police monitoring – because they are high quality and reliable systems!

DIY home security is risky… The dangers of a shoddy DIY job include:

False alarms

Incorrectly calibrated sensors start a domino effect that looks like this:

  • Poorly installed sensors cause false alarms
  • The peace in your family home is regularly interrupted
  • Your neighbours’ patience wears thin – unnecessary noise complaints
  • No one pays attention to your home alarm anymore – even if a real break-in occurred!

Alarm malfunctions

There’s no other way of saying it… Poorly installed systems suffer from frequent malfunctions!

If an amateur calibrates your PIR sensors, they may not work at all. Your alarm system will be completely useless.

What a waste of money!!!

And for these reasons DIY pet friendly alarm kits are a false economy! Any saving will be outweighed by frustration and unnecessary danger to your family from a shoddy security system installation.

Regular servicing keeps your pet friendly alarm in tip top shape!

For full protection, your pet friendly system needs regular tuning to keep your family and home safe. Just like your car, regular maintenance keeps it in good working order, all year round.

Investing in an alarm system is a means to an end, but not an end in itself! A servicing contract is key to ensure your alarm continues to keep your family and pets safe for years to come.

MTS Security offer convenient remote alarm servicing at a great price, to keep hassle to a minimum!

Get a pet friendly home alarm today!

Your family and pets deserves to feel secure. Get peace of mind when your pet-friendly security system is installed by one of our SSAIB-certified experts.

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