While Police can’t endorse specific security companies, they can make recommendations to help homeowners pick a competent installer.

Essex Police’s alarms advice reads:

“Beware of cold calling alarm companies. We recommend getting at least three quotes from installers who are affiliated to the National Security Inspectorate (NSI) or Security Systems and Alarms Inspection Board (SSAIB).”

Why do Police recommend SSAIB approved installers?

SSAIB is the leading certification body for firms providing security systems and services. A certification is a mark of excellence!

It sorts the wheat from the chaff – or in this case, the industry experts from the cowboys.

The Police recommend SSAIB approved security companies because the certification guarantees exceptional quality equipment, service and aftercare. All of which greatly reduce the risk of false alarms… that waste valuable Police time year after year.

What to avoid

The Police advise against dealing with cold callers including:

  • telesales
  • door-step or;
  • telephone salesmen

Avoid falling victim to malicious sales techniques like exaggerated local crime stories or pressure selling.

Instead, contact an SSAIB approved company for your home alarm system or CCTV and deal with friendly surveyors instead of salesmen!

What does SSAIB really mean to you, the homeowner?

Ultimately, it means complete peace of mind.

Instead of worrying about:

  • Letting an unqualified, unchecked cowboy into your home
  • A faulty system that malfunctions and breaks when your family need it most
  • Messy, rude workers who leave you to clean up after the job

With an SSAIB installer, you will get:

  • A seamless, professional experience from start to finish
  • An expert with years of industry knowledge under his belt
  • A quality, reliable home alarm system to protect your family for years to come
  • Reassurance that your SSAIB approved installer is held accountable by a higher authority

Risk free = SSAIB

There are countless cowboys out there who will take your money in exchange for a shoddy job. So knowing which installer to choose is vital if you want the best equipment to secure your family home.

MTS go through annual checks to ensure our internal processes and the service we provide are excellent – for your peace of mind.

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