Essex Police have issued a warning after a spate of burglaries in Essex. A total of 28 offences were committed over 26 days in Braintree, Halstead and Witham. In many cases the thieves got in through a uPVC door.

It’s easy to forget that burglary isn’t just a risk in the run up to Christmas. Now the turkey is finally finished and the New Year has been toasted, thieves are still lurking. They know homes are full of shiny new gifts. With the rubbish collections still catching up, the boxes outside are his chance to make a “nick and collect” list!

The victims in Braintree, Halstead and Witham lost everything from bank cards to cars. Even the smallest of these losses is devastating to the sense of safety in your own home. It doesn’t have to be a multi-million pound heist to cause havoc and upset. The quickest handbag grab can mean cancelling cards and replacing mobiles or tablets. That’s a pain no-one needs! Paying an insurance excess in January is tough on already stretched budgets. Not to mention the stress of claim forms and actually getting them to pay up for your missing valuables!

What can you do to avoid being the next victim of burglary in Essex?

Remember a lot of these burglars got in through a uPVC door? MTS know the risks of these doors. We always advise homeowners to lift, lock and remove keys! Trouble is, Mum and Dad aren’t the only people in the house and not everyone remembers the mantra – leaving the house vulnerable.

We also know the best burglar deterrent is a professionally fitted home alarm system. You need more than a fake box to frighten these bad guys. A high quality system that meets or exceeds industry standards is the best protection. They are more affordable than ever.

Take control, your way!

Modern home security alarms are flexible so you can protect different zones of your home. Perfect for keeping the front door safe while you work upstairs or out the back. Turn on downstairs sensors so bathtime is relaxing – even if you’re not sure the kids turned the key when they left! At night or when you’re out you can be confident the whole house is protected.

How safe is your home? Could you improve your security?

We can help homeowners in Braintree, Halstead and Witham. In fact, wherever you are in Essex you can contact us to avoid being the next burglary victim.