Your home security system works hard to protect your family. Day and night it deters burglars from breaking in. Anyone daft enough to still try is soon scared off when they trigger it! It keeps a watchful eye on your home and garden, giving you peace of mind.

And what do you do for it in return? Do you give it any love?

Just like your car or boiler, your alarm system needs regular servicing to keep it in tip-top condition. “That’s too expensive” we hear you mutter. Not with MTS!

MTS make alarm servicing contracts simple and affordable

Your home alarm needs regular TLC to keep your family and home safe all year round.

With MTS, you can have ongoing peace of mind for less than the cost of a manicure!

For just £15.00 per month (inc. VAT) you will get:

  • Your alarm system serviced twice a year: once remotely and with one site visit
  • Your system’s batteries monitored during each service*
  • Easy to set up monthly card payment
  • Peace of mind that your alarm will work when you need it most
  • Reliable service, maintenance and repairs – even if MTS didn’t fit your system

A servicing contract with MTS means

  • Your system won’t be the one that develops a fault
  • Your home won’t be vulnerable because a battery has died unknowingly
  • You won’t have to pay for a costly repair that could have been a cheap fix if found earlier

*there is a small charge for battery replacement but only when required

Not ‘appy’ yet? There’s more…

With an MTS maintenance plan, you also get a free Smartphone App to monitor and control your system from your phone! Peace of mind in the palm of your hand!

Show your alarm some love

You ask a lot of your home security system. Don’t you think it deserves a little love in return?

Contact us to find out how monthly maintenance can keep your home security system’s alarm and cameras in tip-top condition. Is the safety of your home and family worth leaving to chance…?