Break-ins committed by Chile thief burglars were deemed “crime tourism.” You’ve likely seen the news on the telly or read something in the papers about the gangs of South American thieves flying into Britain to loot homes in London and the Home Counties.

Following months of burglaries, the Metropolitan Police were able to track suspects and prosecutions have been made. But there was a reason it was so easy for 75 different men to carry out this planned attack, and an important home security lesson can be learned from it…

Understanding the statistics

Domestic burglary is on the rise by more than 30 percent. Taking proper security measures and making efforts to prevent a devastating raid on your home is essential. Even if your home is hit once, it’s very likely that burglars will strike again.

It’s easy to break into the upstairs

Some victims of the Chile thief burglaries had security systems. Yet, the installers of those alarms made a rookie mistake. When criminals noticed homeowners only had alarm systems set up on the ground level, they used garden furniture or low roofs to force entry through a first-floor window.

Perhaps you have a ladder in your garden. Even if you don’t, a table, chair or other item can be easily dragged over to the window, so it may be smashed in. Perhaps one of the most frightening revelations about this crime ring: those first-floor windows were often bedrooms, including children’s bedrooms.

Where DIY is lacking

Installing a security system is important. Homeowners who believe an installation service is too pricey may opt for a DIY alarm kit that you can buy off the shelf. There are a variety of DIY systems available, and many promise easy installation that one can complete within a few hours.

While the kit may provide installation instructions, what it lacks is the years of industry experience that professionals possess. Professionals have been to many homes, and they’ve heard numerous stories about how criminals were able to get into flats and houses in ways homeowners may not have even considered.

Professionals know exactly where to put the sensors and certainly wouldn’t stop at the ground level because they know how important a security system is upstairs as well.

How reliable is that ‘handyman’?

Homeowners on a budget may also consider an unaccredited one-man-band or security “cowboys” as a viable alternative. Those initial savings, however, may ultimately be more expensive in the long run. After all, a security system isn’t just about protecting possessions but ensuring the safety of your loved ones!

Not every handyman has expertise beyond simple installation. Why compromise quality over cost and take a chance with a less expensive option? Be safe – use a certified installer.

Certified installers

Professional installation from a certified security firm is the best option because we cover all the bases. Accredited installers, such as MTS Security, are held accountable by a higher authority: SSAIB.

Our certification means that we only supply the highest standard of products and services. Further, we even go the extra mile such as being respectful of the little ones napping around the house and making sure we tidy up after ourselves before we leave.

In the end, the investment you make in the safety and security of your family is far greater than any short-term financial savings, and it really means the ultimate peace of mind for you, the homeowner.