Game Of Thrones fans are eagerly awaiting the final season of the epic show, rumoured to be starting on 21st April 2019.

The finale of season 7 left us all reeling and desperate to know more about what will happen to the inhabitants of Westeros. But, whilst Jon Snow, Daenerys Targaryan and co have had to cope with a more mystical type of scumbag, they can still teach us some valuable lessons about our own home security.

Caution! May contain spoilers…

You know nothing, Jon Snow

Did you know there were 823 burglaries reported in the Essex County Council Area for August 2018? That was up from 792 in July. We know who the baddies are in GOT but a huge amount of these crimes were closed by the police as “no suspect identified“!

Act now to avoid Shame! Shame! Shame! Read our 5 winter home security tips and don’t lose your head like Ned!

Arya in or Arya out?

If you leave your castle empty be sure to close all curtains and leave a couple of lights on. Robbers want to ransack without being disturbed, so an empty house is a bigger target. If it looks like people are home, burglars will leave you alone. It doesn’t have to be as loud as The Red Wedding but the sound of a TV or radio also helps trick raiders…

Hodor! Hodor!

Hold the door! Always lock up properly, even if you’re nipping out for a quick pint of milk or school run. uPVC doors need to have the handle lifted and key turned and removed to be secure. Simply turning the key isn’t enough to stop a burglar, they can get past that quicker than the Wights got into that cave! And no, we still haven’t forgiven Bran for reckless warging!

Chaos is a ladder

Oh Littlefinger, how sweet it was to watch justice served to you! You do raise a good point about ladders though. Now summer is over, check that any ladders or garden furniture are locked away. Burglars will use anything they can climb to get to upstairs windows and into your realm! Consider non-climbing paint on low roofs, don’t let them scale your wall!

The night is long, and full of terrors

Bit dramatic but Melisandre is right about long winter nights. Burglars enjoy the cover of darkness. Check the bulbs on any security lighting and clear off anything that could block or dim them. Draw curtains and pull blinds as soon as you turn on indoor lights. Don’t advertise your valuables by lighting your home up like a Dorne film set!

Join the Night’s Watch

Winter is finally here. You can have your kingdom guarded by the night and day watch with a quality burglar alarm system.Mothers (and fathers) of dragons need peace of mind! Unlike fake boxes or off-the-shelf systems, a high quality burglar alarm will scare off any raider or Ramsey! Expertly installed sensors even take your pet Direwolf into account!

As Brienne of Tarth says: Nothing’s more hateful than failing to protect the one you love. Contact our security experts to protect your kingdom.