October is here and the Halloween costumes are in the shops. The air is crisper and the nights are drawing in.

But it’s not just kids that like to play trick or treat – Burglars take advantage of Halloween too. They can disguise themselves and approach houses because that’s what everyone else is doing! They are hiding in plain sight and social media shows that lots of family homes will be empty! The treats they want aren’t sweets and chocolate though… it’s your hard earned valuables!

How can you keep your home and family safe? Fear not! We’ve come up with 5 Halloween security tricks to beat the bad guys and keep your little monsters safe under their beds!

Halloween Security Tips

1 – ‘Darling leave a light on for me’

If you’re going out to celebrate, even if it’s just a local trick or treat round, leave a light on. If it looks like there’s someone in he’s more likely to try elsewhere. Using a couple of timers so lights go on and off looks even more convincing. Invest in outdoor LED security lights that are triggered if someone does approach your property.

2 – Sound and vision

Some thieves will still check out a house with a light on if it’s quiet. Have a TV or radio on as well. Talk radio stations sound like household chat. Again you can use timers to make it seem more realistic. An occupied house is more hassle to rob than an empty one – make some noise!

3 – View to a kill

Block the view by pulling blinds and curtains closed. Opportunist thieves will glance through windows looking for valuables. Foil them by closing drapes as dark falls. Bonus for this one – saves on heating bills! This goes for upstairs too. Thieves don’t only work on the ground floor!

4 – Lift me up

AKA lift, lock, remove! Make sure every door and window is properly lockeduPVC doors must have the handle lifted and the key turned and removed to be secure. Train all family members to do it properly. If the worst happens and your lock wasn’t fully engaged it could impact your insurance claim. Again, don’t forget upstairs!

5 – Help!

Call in the professionals. Have a certified security company install an alarm system that watches over your home day and night. Off the shelf alarms are no challenge for a burglar. Fake ones are easy to spot. A high quality system fitted by a professional is a great deterrent. It’s the best way to keep all your treats safe this Halloween and beyond!

Stay safe. Get a home alarm. Contact us