Sadly there’s no robber repellent spray on the market… so it’s up to you to make your home burglar-proof. Lets explore the 5 most popular burglar deterrents and rank them from best to worst:

Rank 1. Professionally installed burglar alarm (Winner)

The godfather of home security! Burglars and thieves hate them! A high quality alarm system is the best burglar deterrent you can have for your home and family. Don’t think they’re all the same though! Fakes are easily spotted, cheapos easily bypassed. Get a qualified professional to supply and fit your alarm to avoid risk, frustration and money down the drain.

Rank 2. Professionally installed CCTV

Cameras teamed with an alarm system make an unbeatable crime-fighting duo. Criminals don’t want their faces on tape! If anyone is stupid enough to try breaking in or cause damage, you have footage that can help Police to make arrests.

Rank 3. Security lighting

Pretty standard these days. Security lights might deter the less experienced burglars but most these days know how to get around them… or simply ignore them! In fact, most homeowners ignore it too, thinking it’s another fox…
Use it to help you find the lock after a night out. Just don’t trust it to protect your home and family…

Rank 4. Locking windows and doors

This should be basic practice in every home. The average burglary takes just 8 minutes. How long is your school run? Leaving a window unlocked is a gift to an opportunist thief! Locking up is the first line of defence but not a job well done. Yes, it makes their job harder but a determined burglar has the tools and know-how to get past locks and into your home. And once he’s through… ahh… the sound of silence because there’s no screeching alarm! Now it’s time for a field trip…

Rank 5. Drawing the curtains

Oh dear. If your only means of home security is pulling the curtains when you leave for work, you might as well have a sign  that says “come in, take what you want, I don’t care!” While we recommend this as a way of stopping criminals seeing in and spotting valuables, it’s a completely useless burglar deterrent on it’s own.

Stay safe. Get a home alarm system. Contact us